How to setup Votifier on your Bungeecord network

This tutorial is for a Bungeecord Network, please consider this tutorial to set it up on a spigot server.

Required plugins:

  • NuVotifier

  • Vote Listener


For the Bungeecord to forward the votes will need to set up both Bungeecord and Spigot.


First, we will setup the Bungeecord part.

  • First, download NuVotifier and install in your plugins folder in your Bungeecord server. 
  • Next, restart your bungeecord server for the configuration files to be generated.
  • Now, navigate to /plugins/NuVotifier/, here you will find a config.yml file and a rsa folder. Open the config.yml file.
  • Then, change the following values: 
port: Any assigned port (For a port to be assigned you can contact the staff by making a ticket)

method: none
  • Now save the file and restart the server, we will come back here after setting up the spigot servers.


Now, you have to setup the spigot servers.

  • First, download and install the NuVotifier plugin and restart your server.
  • Now, navigate to your plugins folder under which a folder named Votifier will be created. Open the config.yml file.
  • Now, change the following values: 
port: Any assigned port (For a port to be assigned you can contact the staff by making a ticket)
  • Before closing the file copy the value of -

default: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Copy this value and note it down)
  • Now, go back to your Bungeecord server and navigate to lplugins/NuVotifier/ and open the config.yml.

  • After opening the file scroll down until you find
port: 8193
token: MyKeyHere
port: 8194
token: AnotherKeyHere
  • Here, change the servers accordingly, for example  
address: (The server IP goes here)
port: 81989 (The port assigned to the corresponding server)
token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (The token of the corresponding server, found in /plugins/Votifier/config.yml of the corresponding server)
  • Finally, restart your Bungeecord server and Spigot servers.

Repeat the same process for all the other servers.
You can configure the rewards using a Vote listener plugin, for example, VotingPlugin to configure rewards.

Finally, you can do a test run using a Votifier Tester.

  • For this tutorial, we are using MCTools. Open the website in your browser.

  • Now, open the Votifier tab and fill out the values:

    • Minecraft username: YourUsername

    • IP address / hostname: Bungeecord IP address

    • Port: The port assigned to your Bungeecord (Must be specified in the config.yml for your Bungeecord NuVotifier)

    • Public key: {Navigate to /plugins/NuVotifier/rsa/public.key in your Bungeecord and paste the key here}

  • Then, click on Send Test Vote. You should receive your rewards if you have set up everything correctly.

If you face any issues, contact the support team by creating a support ticket.



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