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This tutorial is for a spigot server, please consider this tutorial if you need to set it up on a Bungeecord Network.

Required plugins:

  • NuVotifier

  • A Vote Listener


To set up votifier on your spigot server, just follow these steps.

  • Next, restart your server for the generation of the configuration files

  • Then, open your plugins folder under which a folder named Votifier should be created.

  • Inside the Votifier folder, there will be a config.yml file and a rsa foler, open the config.yml.

  • Now, edit the following values in your configuration file: 
port: A open port assigned to your server (Create a ticket for a port to be assigned to your server)
  • Finally, restart your server. If the plugin is able to bind to the port a message will appear in the console.


Now that you are finished setting up NuVotifier, you must install a Vote listener on your server to give rewards to your players.

  • In this example, we will be using VotingPlugin. Install the version that matches your server version and restart your server for the configuration files to be generated.

  • Now, navigate your way to the VotingPlugin folder under the plugins folder.

  • Next, configure the rewards and settings to your liking.

  • Then, save the configuration files and restart the server.


After setting up everything you can do a test run using a Votifier tester.

  • In this tutorial, we will be using MCTools. Open the website in your browser.

  • Now, navigate to the votifier tester section and fill out the following details:
    • Minecraft Username: {Your MC Username}
    • IP address/Hostname: {Your server IP address}
    • Port: {The port you assigned in your Votifier configuration file}
    • Public Key: {Navigate to /plugins/Votifier/rsa/public.key and paste the key here}
  • Lastly, click on Send Test Vote. You should receive your rewards if everything was done correctly.


If you face any issues, contact the support team by creating a support ticket.


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