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Do you need to have your server startup with ./ The following guide should assist you 

First create a `` file in the index. On our Web File Manager, you should see that you are in the /home/container directory, or if you are connecting using the external SFTP server you would be in the / directory.

Add the following default startup line, which is.

java -Xms128M -Xmx[server memory in megabits. Ex. 1GB would be 1024]M -jar server.jar

If you want to use a different file name that contains your server jar. Change server.jar on the line above to [New File Name].jar

Next, you must set the to 744. You must use the external SFTP to change this one value.


Lastly, you must request one of our System Administrator to change the Startup Command to /home/container/ In the meantime, you should be capable of completing the beginning steps while you wait for us to switch out the startup command.


Commonly Faced Issues:

/ line 15: /home/container/ Permission denied You forgot to allow execute permission. Make sure the file has 744 access.


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